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(Like) the desire for something lost; 

the ever-shifting shadows the birds cast; 

leaf-shaped space on the branch (

the fallen ginkgo leaf): Winter’s gone, but light

lays low, foreshortened on the grass, fading—

causing the grass to fade: Within, it brightens,

even as without it fades (knowledge/the body)—

These lines don’t run parallel, but thread like thoughts

through us, constant inequities: Knowing this, 

held together by the possibilities

                                 of consonants and  vowels (aspirant

vows): Making words that believe

what’s gained is hidden in what’s lost: 

a kind of metaphorical momentum: Not like. Equal to.



The Object of the Possible


There’s a sense of concordance, this place 

and this version of me. Causes questioning.—: Do 

you know, the effortless art in the gull 

banking made me ask, Is there any one

thing I do without effort? and then: How 

do I know the gull? Me: presuming. 

The invisible line in this visible line

comes similarly, the laws of mental physics, 

like air flowing over the passage of wings 

in the blue-white sky, the gull grants grace

to my philosophy, an object of the possible.