Love / Time
Choosing to Hear

Casting a Reflection.


From the Pier:


The seagull seen from above

at the same angle as the sun

casts no shadow on the sand.

Edges traced, wing shape limned

in black perhaps; perhaps imagined.

From its shadow’s (imagined) eye,

the shade might seem to cast the sun,

as if experience could make time run,

or endings make beginnings: the shore

make the sea, or the body the soul.


From the Garden:


By the silken light of the slanting 

sun—post-equinox, low-slung—

the goldfinch stands on the rim 

of his world, otherwise known

as the birdbath. Gleams thrown

back and forth, thrown out 

from water and yellow feathers

and the source of all this light

has left the scene: Which shines? 

That sun, fading, is forgotten.